• Billie: The Little General

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    Billie: The Little General is an immersive theatrical experience set in 1980s Black America, exploring the challenging landscape of the era. Chosen for its poignant narrative, the play dives deep into the mental health component, shedding light on trauma, resilience, and healing. It resonates wit...

  • Starve pt.1
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    Starve pt.1

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    Patsy's life unravels before her eyes, leaving her stranded in a sea of despair. While she grapples with her losses, Lyn clings desperately to the belief that her absentee father will swoop in to save them. But as days turn into weeks with no sign of him, doubts creep in, threatening to shatter h...

  • The Red Barn

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    Two best friends on a journey where a shot cut proves to have a wrong and possible fatal turn.